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Core Power Yoga

One day after the knockout round at Power League, Lynden’s 17’s and 18’s were back in the gym not passing, setting or hitting, but with Corepower instructor Travis Cundiff.  The former ‘Iolani and Sacred Heart University volleyball standout now yoga master was working with our players in deep stretches, mental tranquility and muscle recovery.

The 90 minute session was a welcome relief to hours of repetitious muscle fatigue associated with practice, scrimmages and the qualifying rounds of PL.  As Travis so appropriately put it, even in a young athletes, balance in their core is so vital to being structurally healthy.

The players enjoyed the session so immensely that Travis will be back the day after TransPac on Tuesday at Salt Lake to do more of the same.  The player’s jury is out whether the parents will be taking up their yoga mats in relief on their own parenting stress. 

We will be using our practice time at SL for more Corepower Yoga and if any other Hana Hou players are interested you’re welcome to join us.  The cost of our two teams is covered.  However, if you’d like to volunteer a dollar to our loot I’m sure Travis would feel encouraged to build the affiliation with Hana Hou.   Coaches shoot me an email if you’d like to join us so I can get a count of attendance.  Walk ins are welcome.

Good luck to you all in Trans Pacific.

Player Profile Photo Session

News Editor-Honolulu

The Salt Lake District Park was recently transformed to the ACE “Kine” Photo Studio for Hana Hou.

The club is currently working  towards getting all of our players photographed in a standard profile and providing a professional presentation of our athletes. In the first of our sessions we were able to get Jarrett 18’s , Lynden 17’s and 18’s. Our professional adult model ( Claire-Bailey’s Mom) provided the proto-type and pre-photograph to warm up the photographer.  The teams utilized the talents of photographers Wendy ( Lynden 18’s ) and Christine ( Jarrett 18’s) . Technical aspects was handled by Susan ( Lynden 17’s) . Player visual pre- preparation was handled by Claire ( Lynden 18’s) and Marissa ( Jarrett 18’s). The girls had a wonderful time and the club is extremely fortunate to have many beautiful moms who look more like sisters than moms to their daughters. Thank you moms for strutting your stuff. Waiting for the make-up sessions to come next ( lol).

Jarrett 18's Beach Training

The first beach training at Ala Moana Beach Park with Coach Jarrett!!

Wonderful Start of the Season

Hana Hou Wayne 16's

Hana Hou Wayne 16’s had their first team bonding event at Ala Moana Beach Park after the referee clinic.  It was an awesome start to the New Year and the club season filled with plenty fun, food, and games (not to mention the hilarious competition).  Parents, players, and coaches had a great time getting to know one another - next time it's the Titan Games!!!

Hana Hou 18's Jarrett

Hana Hou Jarrett 18's held their first bonding of the New Year this past saturday at the Old Spaghetti Factory ( in it's new location at Aloha Tower Marketplace)  filling up his team with the carbohydrates and spumoni ice cream  and that was needed for the 2019 Aloha Region Power League the next day. The added fuel and ice cream combined with talent  must have really helped as the team finished first in their competitive pool  and earned their position in Division I for this weeks qualifier. Way to go Team Jarrett!!

Hana Hou Joey 17's - Hustle and Muscle

Hana Hou Joey 17's held the first car wash of the new year on January 12, 2019 at the Kahala Texaco . Extremely successful car with the hustle of the parents and player and perfect weather. Added bonus was the stopover by coach Joey's friends and the Muscle Car Hawaii ( car club) who provided the muscle and rumble by bringing 20 cars to the car wash as visual candy for the captive audience . The 69 GTO Judge and sixth generation Camaros and Mustangs gave generous donations to the team . The precious skin of these cars are only" owner washed vehicles" .  Although the team could not touch the vehicles they were very touched by the support  that the car club provided.

Hana Hou Tommy 16's

Hana Hou Tommy 16's had their first team bonding at the Fort Shafter Bowling Alley. Coaches, players and parents competed against each other by showing some impressive bowling moves. Who knew the team had such a bowling talent.


Collegiate Student Panel

News Editor-Honolulu

   Under balmy skies and on the busiest last weekend of the year Hana Hou Volleyball Club held their Collegiate Student Panel. This well attended event featured special college coaches from Hawaii Kahala Kabalis (Chaminade University) and Jenic Tumaneng ( Hawaii Pacific University). Both coaches offered an excellent overview of the college recruiting  process . The captive audience  listened with intrigue and interest as the coaches detailed the brutal and  competitive nature of college recruiting. With information coming directly from coaches who receive tons of emails everyday , the audience of athletes quickly learned that they needed to improve their preparedness for the next season and their travel tournaments.

   The event was moderated and carefully planned by lead coach Lynden Keala who created a schedule of topics that covered common questions that athletes need to be aware of. The three for one keala package of volleyball knowledge included coach lynden , lani and loxley keala. Our special guest speaker was Lani Keala from the Hawaii Volleyball Network. There is no one single individual in Hawaii who has the expertise , knowledge and experience as Lani. With a nationwide reach of coaches , her speech was insightful and really opened the eyes and ears of the audience . The club was generous to compensate her and the guests with poi donuts and water from the aquifer of Washington ( Costco Kirkland Water) .

   The remaining part of the event featured our student and graduate panel of athletes who had a great amount of success in volleyball on the collegiate level. Collegiate graduates Loxley Keala ( Iowa) and Jamie Hirai ( San Jose State) along with students from Johns Hopkins University , Chaminade University, Occidental College, St Louis School of Pharmacy, Siena College and Lewis and Clark University. They were able to share their current and past experiences and how being a student athlete has changed their lives.

   The three hour event quickly flew by and in the end , current high school athletes as well as their parents had an opportunity to have one on one question and answer sessions with the panel guests. and Hana Hou VBC

Presently in the volleyball world, the recruitment process has become a part-time job for athletes, parents, coaches, and club staff. It takes time and resources to record and break down video to make highlight reels, tally statistics, and then devise a plan to send this information to college coaches in an organized package. At the same time, high school and club volleyball programs are becoming more sophisticated in searching for an advantage in training and against competitors.

Hudl, a sports video analysis and software company, is revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition and addresses the needs of the growing sport. What began as a football product, Hudl has now developed programs specific to ten unique sports, including volleyball. Its top priority is to give athletes feedback and tools to help them improve as a player every day.

Glenn Hada, a Hudl user and director of Hana Hou Volleyball Club in Hawaii, said, “Our club cannot function without Hudl. In volleyball, we have a ball, a net, and a court. Hudl is the other component of volleyball that we need. We use Hudl to do our highlights and for coaches to use it as a tool to improve player development.”

Hudl has been giving athletes a platform to shoot and display video for various uses. Once a club or team has purchased the program, there is no limit to who may have access to the the account. Not only does this mean that multiple users can view the video simultaneously on a computer, phone, or tablet, but it also means that only one parent now has to record the match and upload it to Hudl. Gone are the days that there are ten video cameras set up behind the same court to get the same film.

Once the film is uploaded, users can go into the interface to take statistics, view technique for player development, scout opponents, and make notes within the program. Players can also use Hudl to choose their best clips to showcase individual highlight reels for recruiting, social sharing, and to feature at end of the year functions.

Within the Hudl application, a player can add music to and edit the video, and use highlighting features such as circling which player a scout should be watching. Within the team subscription, the club or high school program has a website and individuals also have their own page to send off to collegiate coaches in an easy-to-view package. Hada calls Hudl’s user websites “a concise, professional representation of our players.”

For Hada, being in the middle of the Pacific presents challenges to his athletes who want to play in college. Luckily, though, the current landscape of college recruiting almost requires athletes to send video before a coach watches a player live, due to strained time and financial resources.

Hada said, “We’re not like California and Texas, for example. We don’t have college coaches who can come into our gym to watch us. We only travel twice to the mainland, so Hudl is instrumental in our development. All of our players are recruited, 100-percent because of Hudl.”

Additionally, club directors such as Hada at Hana Hou see the benefit of Hudl because he doesn’t have the ability to staff full-time recruiting personnel. Because many athletes come to Hada’s club to compete as well as be seen and recruited, a service such as Hudl is a simple and effective resource to allow players to find a good fit in college, and for Hana Hou to retain club players year after year.

Hudl has taken its services to another level with Hudl Assist, an add-on to the Hudl subscription. Hudl Assist removes the time it takes to upload video from a device, break down statistics, and search for specific film bites. That “part-time job” that coaches once had to analyze film, on top of perhaps his or her day job and coaching, has a solution with Hudl Assist.

In Hudl Assist, you can send your match or opponent’s video to Hudl with a click of a button. Then, Hudl breaks it down statistically (based on the NCAA volleyball required statistics) for both sides of the net. Within 12-24 hours, it’s ready to view. The statistics then can be filtered by player, rotation, team, set, and match. Coaches and players can see trend charts, the box score, overall statistics, and set goals within the Hudl Assist program.

Dan Mader, Associate Club Director at VCNebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska where Hudl is headquartered, mainly uses Hudl for scouting, statistics, and player development.

Mader said, “To us, it makes using film way more efficient. We use Hudl Assist and we’re able to go through scenarios, skills, and rotations, and it makes it more efficient to say, ‘Here’s the area we struggled in and why,’ instead of flipping through film for a long time.”

Mader and other coaches at VCN use Hudl Assist to tag players when they see a valuable teaching moment on film. When this happens, the player will get a message directly to their phone. Mader also uses it to bring lessons to life and to assign homework to his players off the court.  

He said, “I’ll give them homework such as, ‘Look at five of your hitting errors and tell me what you need to change.’ And, it’s all outside of the gym on their time. They can do on their phone or at home… that’s where they are usually anyway, on their phone.”

With the breakdown of statistics, an attacker, for example, can now filter a match to view their own plays including kills and hitting errors, while setters can see which plays are successful in each rotation, and liberos can watch opponent hitting tendencies. Mader notes that it’s been proven that kids succeed more when they take the initiative and teach themselves, rather than being told what to do.

The benefit for scouting may be geared more for high school and college programs who face teams multiple times each year, but Mader sees the benefit for club, too. 

He said, “We use Hudl Assist against some local teams we play often. In general, I use it to look for themes, like if we play a team that’s really fast, or more physical than us. Maybe we’ve played a team already that reminds me of them and I can remember what worked against them. At the end of the season, it’s useful because we’ll see teams again.”

In the five years Hana Hou has been using Hudl, Hada says it has progressively gotten better and the support is “unmatched” with staff following up with him constantly, performing webinars, and sending season reports.

Hada said, “They set you up with everything. They just don’t supply you the finger to press the ‘Play’ button.”

Not only is the product useful for development and recruitment as a juniors player, but it translates to a skill all players will have to learn at the collegiate level because at most programs, scouting occurs before each match. Since Hudl’s recent acquisition of VolleyMetrics, it has expanded its video and statistical programs from just the high school and club levels, to now being used at the collegiate level as well. Think of Hudl as getting a head-start.

“Hopefully in the future, it’s all seamless for the athletes,” said Mader. “When they learn how to watch film when they’re young, they don’t have to relearn anything. So, in college, the learning curve is faster.”

The cost of Hudl and Hudl Assist has not been a barrier to Mader or Hada because of the payoff. While both clubs subscribe as a program, users can also use Hudl per match in a pay-as-you-go format.

Hada said, “If I spend a certain amount for about 30 matches and all players get recruited, what is the return on investment? Reallyreally high.”

Plenty of Holiday Spirit and Volleyball at Hana Hou VBC

In the past two weekends

Hana Hou Wayne 16's

News Editor-Honolulu

The Hana Hou 16's Wayne team along with the coaches and some of the team participated in the annual Palama Settlement Christmas Celebration.  Coach Wayne and Jason are extremely active in the Palama Community. The coaches are always eager to help the community in any way possible. This positive reflection shines throughout his team.

Hana Hou Akana's 14's and 18's Car Wash

Hana Hou Lynden 17's and 18's

News Editor-Honolulu

Hana Hou Lynden 17’s and 18’s did their annual volunteering at the Palama Settlement Holiday Celebration  along with over 700 children and families from around the Palama area. The sanitation duties were eagerly and well managed by the team of young athletes sporting their holiday outfits and blue gloves. Duties like handing out gifts, ticket distribution , food control, cleaning up tables were done by the rest of the team . The spirit of giving during this time of the season really is a testament to the true character of our club and the athletes that support this event year. Well done girls, parents and coaches!!

Hana Hou Boys - Pure Aloha Winter Madness

Collegiate Scrimmage

Hana Hou Joey 17's

Hana Hou Joey 17's celebrating in their team Christmas Party and first team bonding for the season.

Hana Hou's Akana 14s & 17/18s Give Back

Each holiday season approximately 600 families receive love and support from Helping Hands Hawai’i’s Adopt a Family Program.  Hana Hou’s Coach Hoku and Shane Akana 14s & 17/18s teams provided holiday cheer to 2 local families in need.  The 14s Akana team helped a single income family of 8 with ages ranging from 1 month to 74 yrs old and the 17/18s Akana team helped a single mom of 6 boys with the father currently incarcerated.  Both families requested very basic needs such as pot and pans, dishes, deodorant, socks and toys for the kids. 


Hana Hou's Akana 14s & 17/18s Parade Fundraiser

Continuing to spread Holiday Cheer, Hana Hou's Akana 14s & 17/18s joined the Waimanalo Parade festivities this past Saturday. The teams started off bright and early with hot breakfast bowls and continued through lunch preparing onolicious pastele stew plates partnered with baked goods. Despite the rain, the teams had a successful fundraiser and spent the day getting to know their new Hana Hou 'ohana. The Akana teams invite you to support their upcoming car wash fundraiser at Kahala Texaco, this Sunday, Dec 16th, 8am-4pm.


Congratulations Jordyn Nichols - Arizona Wildcats

Honolulu- News Editor

As early as the chickens crow 69 student athletes representing  11 different sports signed their NLI at the Hawaii Convention Center. With a program start of 5:45am these eager athletes were ready to sign and move on to the next chapter in their lives.

Congratulations to Jordyn Nichols ( Kamehameha  Class of 2019) ( Hana Hou 18’s) for being the only athlete signing for Beach Volleyball today. Jordyn will be playing Beach Volleyball for the Arizona Wildcats. Jordyn has been with the club since the first club season  and in her sophomore year became  the first and only beach player in Hawaii to be committed by a mainland college for the sport at that age. Last year in the Hawaii State Beach Volleyball Prep Tournaments , Jordyn along with her partner Aleeyah Galdeira  won Gold runner-up for the tournament.

Jordyn is the daughter of Jerry and Jeanine Nichols. Under legendary coach Steve Walker , the 6th ranked Wildcats should do very well with this talented player. Congratulations to the Nichols Ohana and Jordyn!!-See you at the beach!!

2018 6th Annual Hawaii Beach Volleyball Prep Championships- Varsity Gold Championship-Jordyn Nichols

News Editor-Honolulu

Big congratulations to the Kamehameha Schools Kapalama  team of Jordyn Nichols and Keonilei  Akana in capturing the Gold Championship in the 6th Annual Hawaii Beach Volleyball Prep Championships at Queen’s Beach.  Please watch all the action available on OC 16.

Congratulations Scoring Live Top Performers



News Editor: Honolulu

Tonight under extreme conditions at Damien High School Head Coach Tommy Lake ( Hana Hou 18’s Coach) and his staff claimed Mid-Pacific first ever ILH title. With support from “Da Keala Roofing Company” the owls claimed a 21-25, 25-17,25-22,25-23 decisive victory over the Damien Monarchs. With a buffet of defensive and offensive arsenals at their disposal the owls secured the division II championship and secured the crown from the monarchs.

Kaehu Keala put down a season-high 25 kills with three blocks to power the Owls (13-2) to their 10th straight win. The Owls can proudly “toot” their horns loudly as they beat Damien twice in a week.

All of the players of the Mid-Pacific Girls Varsity Volleyball  Team contributed to this historic event. The club would like to take the time to recognize all the people that made this happen.  Hana Hou Volleyball Club Coaches Tommy, Missy, Clyde, Ryan and coach Lynden. Hana Hou Girls Ehu, Morgan ,Kamalani, Amy, Emma and the entire Mid-Pacific Team

Coach Tommy Lake is the only coach in Hawaii high school history to win girls titles in both the OIA  and ILH . He coached Na Menehune to the 2007 OIA D-1 championship.

Lake's veteran leadership is starting to make Mid-Pacific into a known volleyball commodity.

The Owls went into the ILH tournament as underdogs but today that tag no longer applies.  The only tag for them is "CHAMPIONS"

The team enters into a different phase as the seated #1 team in their division next week and we wish them the best of luck. The club looks forward to a promising season with coach Tommy bringing his championship talents and knowledge to Hana Hou. His line will be long so register early.

Hana Hou Volleyball Club signs FIVE !!!

Coach Lynden, Michelle, Sydney, Sierra, Juanita, Christina, Coach Ryan

Honolulu-New Editor |April 11, 2018

    At the Elks Lodge Waikiki from 6:00am in the morning more than 76 student athletes participated in the April 2018 National Letter of Intent signing day. With beautiful blue skies and warm trade winds we could not have asked for a more perfect day. The event put on by Education 1st in what is a continuation of the PIAA signing created by Doris Sullivan.

   The Hana Hou Volleyball Club had five athletes who participated and signed their letters committing to their respective colleges. Coach Ryan Liu in his first year head coach for an 18’s job did a remarkable job in training the players and getting them seen by college coaches. Coach Ryan under his sensei Coach Lynden has taken the wisdom of his mentor and engraved a name for himself in junior volleyball.  With great coaching and  recruiting  fueled by the power of HUDL  the club was able to move these student athletes to a new chapter in their lives, The promising coach has a really bright future ahead. The 18’s had four players and the 17’s Lynden had one.

   The signing represents the final chapter in club and school volleyball for all players. It is a proud moment for the parents and players.

Congratulations Class of 2018

Here are the respective commitments

Michelle Mcginn –Maryknoll ( Lewis and Clark)

Christina Betham – Aiea  ( Highline College)

Sydney Takauye-Mid-Pacific ( Occidental)

Sierra Sagucio- Roosevelt ( St Louis College of Pharmacy)

Juanita Tuimavave – Mililani ( Highline College)

Hawaii News Now Featured Story NLI Signing Day

Hana Hou Volleyball Club lands at HUDL in Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska – News Editor

    Hana Hou Volleyball club lands in Lincoln, Nebraska!! This years  2018 HUDL Week ran from June 4th to June 8th 2018. Club Director for Hana Hou Volleyball Club Glenn was invited to be the guest speaker for volleyball among the Hudlies that returned from around the world at their annual retreat. Hoping foreign language was permitted ( da pidgin) the director set on the path to work and explain to the audience how HUDL has had a profound effect on recruiting players from the islands. In a hi tech world where there can be a strong disconnect between developer and end user, this opportunity provided a chance to bridge the gap and explain the rewards that this wonderful software has had on club volleyball and athletics throughout the world. The functionality of the software has revolutionized the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the game. Hudl now offers the tools to edit and share video, interact with stats, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes.

     For Hana Hou Volleyball Club this priceless software combined with our excellent coaches provides the winning formula for moving our student athletes to the next level. Among more than 160,000 active teams and 4.3 million unique users, the club is blessed that our voices and opinions in the 50th state was valued and offered to be shared with one of the fastest growing companies in America.

    The addition this year of HUDL Assist to Hana Hou Volleyball Club provided a professional presentation with stats and videos to potential college coaches and the results was evident by the complete recruitment of all our student athletes.

    In an audience where  the nation’s best and brightest were seated, there was validation that advanced technology was being breed in Lincoln, Nebraska. The city is now becoming incubators for hi-tech and becoming the “ silicon prairie”. A company called HUDL that not only supplies software but provides “ opportunities” .  These opportunities have stretched far  from Nebraska to Hawaii to a club in the middle of the pacific called Hana Hou.

REGISTRATION OPEN FOR 2019 Hawaii Volleyball Combine ( session 1 and 2 sold out)

Registration is now open for the 2019 Hawaii Volleyball Combine.  This year will mark the 10th Anniversary of the event that have helped countless athletes from Hawaii pursue their academic dreams.  This is the "ORIGINAL" and the biggest "MUST DO EVENT" in Junior Volleyball in Hawaii. Please register now as this event sells out every single year. Registration for Session 3 now open.

2018 Hawaii Volleyball Combine

International Team-China

xie xie wode zhonguo pei qiu peng you

(Thank you my china volleyball friends)what started out at a meeting on November 26, 2016 in Tianjin , China , we finally got you here for the 2018 Aloha Summer Classic

Many thanks to Yuanfang Women’s Volleyball Team from Beijing China PRC

2019 3rd Annual Aloha Summer Classic

June 14,15,16, 2019

Congratulations to 16U Joey on a spectacular finish!!

Hana Hou Volleyball Club at the 2018 AAU Junior National Championship

Hana Hou 17U Jarrett

Hana Hou 17U Phillips- Sarah, Mahina, Satono, Casey , Sirinity ,Ashley, Cookie, Honesty

Hana Hou 17U Lynden

Orlando, Florida – News Editor

In 2018 Hana Hou Volleyball Club proudly accomplished sending four teams to the 2018 AAU Junior National Championships. Traveling from Hawaii is extremely expensive and in today’s challenging world it takes a lot of effort from the coaches and team moms to put it all together to make it happen. This year’s team included ( 17U Phillips) additional players of Satono Toyaba ( OGS-Volleyball) and Ryanne “ Cookie” Burnett ( Manoa Beach Volleyball) and ( 17U Lynden)  Jordyn Nichols.

In addition 17U Lynden was assisted by veteran coaches Tommy Lake , Melissa Agena and former Iowa Setter Loxley Keala.  Team Communications were handled by Lani Keala ( Hawaii Volleyball Network). Video support provided by HUDL and HUDL Assist. The coaches and team moms on all four  teams did a fantastic job coordinating the trip to Orlando. JOB WELL DONE HANA HOU !!

Orlando , Florida - News Editor/B.Darnell

Team Hana Hou 17U Lynden played against opponents who were taller and stronger in the Open Division but these ladies were a force to reckon with, drawing multiple college recruiters to their court each time they played. These amazing ladies were relentless in showing their athleticism and drive to win which won them admiration from coaches and spectators. Congratulations!!!!

The Original and Best College Showcase in Hawaii

Hana Hou First Graduating Class

Hana Hou First Graduating Class

Hana Hou Volleyball Club

Est May 2016 . Hana Hou Volleyball Club was formed by two parents whose previous club collapsed and needed to provide a opportunity to showcase their 17u old players in what would be the last year at summer travel prior to graduation.  In six weeks the club went from zero to being featured as the media story of the 2016 AAU Junior National Championships in Orlando Florida

Club Director

Hana Hou Volleyball Club

Phone: 808-225-3145

Fueled and Powered By HUDL and HUDL Assist


Members of USAV

Members of AAU